A Twelve weeks Field Guide Level 1

Black Leopard Campus is a FGASA registered training provider. Our Nature Guide Level 1 field guide course is designed
for those students keen to follow this with a view to becoming fully fledged and professional guides within the stimulating
world of wildlife tourism.

In the early days of guiding, guides were referred to as Game Rangers. However the guiding industry has become more
professional and there are now different levels of guiding qualifications that one can aspire to.
We have aligned our twelve-week course along the guidelines stipulated by FGASA (Field Guide Association of Southern
Africa) and we offer a level 1 field guide course according to the syllabus determined by FGASA. Included in the course
will be all the required theory and practical training that a student needs to get moving on the path towards a successful
career in this exciting world of game ranging or field guiding.

The level 1 syllabus includes the following modules.
  • Introduction to guiding in the natural environment
  • Creating a guided nature experience
  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Weather and Climate
  • Basic Ecology
  • Basic Taxonomy
  • Introduction to the Biomes of Southern Africa
  • Botany and Grasses
  • Arthropod
  • Amphibian
  • Reptiles
  • Fish
  • Bird
  • Mammal
  • Conservation management and historical human habitation

The Nature Guide Qualification is the most sought after qualification required by the guiding industry for employment.  
The FGASA Level 1 Course also contains the CATHSSETA Nature Site Guide qualification, which is the minimum
requirement for guides to register as legal tourist guides in South Africa.  Beyond Southern Africa’s borders, the higher
standard of the FGASA qualification also enjoys recognition in many other countries on and off the African Continent.
Our 12-week course is ideal for students that have already got some relevant life experience and is also ideal for Nature
Conservation, Reserve Management, Zoology or Tourism Graduates that want to increase their employability.
Our course leader conducts ongoing and regular assessments of each student. In addition to their course work students
are able to contribute towards our work in leopard research and shadow professional guides working with Black Leopard
camp guests.

On completion of the course an optional theoretical and practical examination can be taken.

Students should be eighteen years or older and have an acceptable level of English Literacy. A good level of mental and
physical fitness re required as is a valid drivers license.

On successful completion of the course assessments and qualification as a FGASA level 1 nature guide, graduates will be
eligible for employment with Black Leopard Camp.

Carol for more information.